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Holistic and conventional dentistry services offered


Patients may choose which dentist and hygienist they see


More than 200 years of on-the-job experience


You can relax with color therapy glasses, neck pillows, neuro-linguistic programming and blankets

Trevor Hartwell, DDS

Trevor Hartwell, DDS


At Hawaii Holistic Dentistry, our philosophy and our practice is to improve the whole-body health of our patients through dental care that improves their quality of life.

From the moment you walk in our door, you’ll be welcomed as Ohana in a relaxed, stress-free environment where your entire family will feel at ease.

David T. Doi, DDS

David T. Doi, DDS


What Sets Us Apart

Drs. David Doi and Trevor Hartwell and our talented staff utilize the latest dental technology, materials and techniques to ensure your health and comfort.

As the state’s only two dentists accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (as of 2020), Drs. Doi and Hartwell practice with the highest standards of care to protect you from chemicals, bacteria and viruses. We practice the safe removal of amalgam fillings by following the protocols of the Academy to prevent exposure to mercury vapors.

Our state-of-the-art office air filtration system safeguards our patients and staff from toxins, allergens and smells. It uses a triple filter that removes particles from the air down to the size of 0.003 microns.

Our digital X-rays and Intra Oral Photography provide us with the most exacting images of the tooth’s internal and external structures. Digital X-ray technology requires no toxic developing chemicals. This enables us to diagnose and document issues with the greatest possible precision – without exposing patients or staff to dangerous chemicals.

I found Dr. Doi because I looked for a dentist that could solve my problem.

My problem was that I had a painful tooth and I was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal. I knew that root canals had the potential of creating toxins in the body that could lead to a broad range of unhealthy repercussions and so I was opposed to the idea.

I began researching dentists in Hawaii, regardless of which island they were on, to find one who understood the weaknesses in typical modern dentistry practice and took a more holistic and enlightened view. I read some of Dr. Doi’s published dissertations on a variety of subjects relating to holistic dental practice and decided that it would be worth giving him a try, even though I live on Maui.

I went to see Dr. Doi who saved my tooth (I still have it) and was able to give me the comprehensive dental care that I needed at a level of excellence that I sought. He has been in charge of my mouth ever since. My mouth is grateful and so am I. Thank you Dr. Doi.

Daniel C., Kihei, Maui


Holistic-Minded Dentistry

  • Makes use of traditional pharmaceuticals, especially local anesthetics, but always trying to minimize, eliminate or complement the use of pharmaceuticals with less harmful substances.
  • Understands other traditions of healing so that the patients don’t have to educate us.
  • Pays attention to the dental materials used in the mouth and makes sure you do not have adverse reactions to these materials.
  • Is mindful of what chemicals we place in your mouth because many of these can be absorbed through the mucous membrane and enter your bloodstream.